sony-experia-z-review--37When it comes to Android phones, we guess it’s more or less a given that we can expect quite a few more devices to make an appearance during the year, but for those who aren’t fans of phones that come preinstalled with the themes/skins of OEMs, what’s in it for you guys? Well we know that Samsung and HTC have both revealed the Google Edition version of the flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One respectively, but according to the folks at Android Authority, one of their sources has informed them that at least one more Google Edition phone is set to drop later this year.

With Samsung and HTC taking up two of the three alleged Google Edition phones, who’s next? Well if you recall the rumors, Sony could be next with the Google Edition of its Xperia Z. If this is the case, then this new rumor helps to corroborate the previous rumor about Sony. In a way this also somewhat corroborates a rumor from 2012 that hinted at multiple Nexus devices, although in this case the phones from Samsung and HTC are technically Nexus devices, but do share some Nexus traits such as running stock Android. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think of a Sony Xperia Z Google Edition?

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