wellness-trackerI am quite sure that those of you who are well into your thirties and older right now do have fond memories of this particular toy known as a “mood ring” back in the days when we were a kid. How else were you supposed to know whether your best friend was fuming mad at you, unless the mood ring itself turned a bright ruby red in color? Surely you ought to know by now that all of it is more or less hogwash, but back in the day, it certainly proved to be quite the attention puller by all means. Having said that, when one fast forwards to the 21st century, here we are with a new kind of wearable health tracker from California-based Phyode, where they have dubbed their device as the W/Me band which will leverage your health data with the main goal of delivering a more holistic picture of wellness.

In a nutshell, the W/Me band is meant to help the wearer get a rough idea on how physical factors affect their mood, as well as learning the relevant responses in controlling those moods. It does so by monitoring one’s autonomic nervous system, translating the collected data into three scores: mental state, agility, and ANS age. Not only that, it is also paired up to an iPhone app for easier reference, now how about that?

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