Let us say that you have one of the older iPhones lying around the home, or even the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate that proved to be quite the popular smartphone a few years back, and have no idea on what to do with them. Let US startup Xavage Technologies help you out here, where it has come up with what they call the Xentry, where it will transform an old (but still working) iPhone or Galaxy S Fascinate into a door-mounted caller-display, letting you check out just who has come a-callin’ on your front door, while letting you communicate with them (even using a voice changer in the process for that added bit of security).

Even better news is, the Xentry does not need any SIM card for your smartphone to work with the app, since it will rely on the home’s Wi-Fi network instead to get all wireless communication done. Thanks to its “smart door” system, real-time video and audio will be streamed over your home Wi-Fi network, and it even boasts of door movement detection thanks to the handset’s gyroscope, allowing you to set the relevant alerts so that you know if there is someone who is attempting to enter or exit the home. We are looking at a possible $55 price tag per Xentry if this Indiegogo project proves itself successful, and it will come in two models – one for the old iPhones (3GS/4/4S) and the other for the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate.

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