imessage-encryption-dea-fedsWith the launch of iOS 7 which is expected to take place later this year, one of the features Apple will be introducing is the ability to block Apple IDs from iMessage or FaceTime. While the messages can still be sent as regular text, it can help block spammers or maybe that stalker ex of yours. In any case in the meantime it looks like Apple has already begun offering iMessage spam reporting, thanks to a new knowledge base article found on Apple’s website. The method which Apple offers to help block unwanted iMessages is a bit primitive in the sense that it requires the user to take a screenshot of the message and Apple ID, and send an email to Apple who will then investigate the matter. Like we said it’s a bit primitive and a little troublesome, but we guess for those who might be running devices that won’t see the upgrade to iOS 7, this will have to do, at least until Apple figures out a better way.

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