locationaryApple has not had much to say when it comes to issues concerning Maps on the iOS platform when it held the Worldwide Developers Conference last month, but perhaps the quiet pick up of Locationary that is based in Toronto, Canada, might spark off something interesting down the road. It seems that the acquisition would include Locationary’s team as well as the technology, and just what the heck does Locationary do? It happens to be a company that is keen on improving data concerning local businesses. How does it do that? For starters, it will pull location information from a range of sources, before aggregating and reconciling it, in order to make sure that the data that is provided will not only be complete, but also up-to-date as well. In this manner, you won’t have to visit a venue that has closed down half a year back and end up with a botched date.

Apple certainly looks as though they need Locationary more than the latter needs Apple, since Apple’s Maps service has been far from satisfactory – especially when you compare it to Google Maps. Well, here’s to a new life under Apple’s wings, Locationary!

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