asus-bragsYes, we did talk about the Asus PQ321Q 4K 31.5” monitor just yesterday, where it will be up for grabs for $3,500 a pop. Definitely far more expensive than any other regular monitor out there, but one should remember that your eyes will definitely thank the Asus PQ321Q when you work with plenty of images as well as text throughout the day, and need as much viewing real estate as possible. Boasting a maximum resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels within its generous 31.5” display, how else is one suppose to translate the Asus PQ321Q’s capabilities to the masses in everyday terms?

Asus decided to take the road less traveled by introducing the number of Minesweeper instances that one can run at such a high resolution – and they counted 207 instances in total. These are in Beginner Mode, but still, 207 instances of Minesweeper running simultaneously is mind boggling. Not that you would ever do such a thing in real life, but at least you have a better idea now on what the Asus PQ321Q is capable of.

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