painless-batMost of us would have kept a baseball bat underneath our beds, as you can never quite tell just when the zombie apocalypse is about to happen, and a weapon that does not run out of ammunition and yet is effective to strike zombies where they hate it most would certainly come in handy. Of course, it could also be used as an item of self-defense to give a nice, good whack across an unwanted intruder’s heat to knock him or her out. For those who have batted with an aluminum bat and hit the ball (or another object) with the wrong part of the bat, chances are you would have experienced a fierce vibration that results in nothing but pain in the arms. Acoustics engineer Daniel Russell of Pennsylvania State University figured out that developing a baseball bat that does not cause pain due to vibration upon contact is a possible invention.

We are glad to report that Russell managed to discover the solution to this age-old problem, simply by setting the installed damper within the bat itself to the right frequency. Hopefully this would spell the end of such painful moments!

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