Baseball fans that love watching Major League Baseball but don’t want to spend so much money to catch it on their TVs now have an alternate option. Instead of paying $89.99-$109.99 annually for streaming live games, MLB now has an option for folks planning to watch the game on their mobile devices. Called MLB .TV mobile phone only, the plan allows users to watch an unlimited number of live out-of-market (non-home) games for $49.99 a year.

But users who want to watch home games will have to resort to other means. One thing interesting to note is that MLB.TV is opening up to cater to smartphone users, instead of forcing them into regular plans if consumers have no need for a full fledged plan. This shows that the industry is starting to accept that smartphones play a bigger role in the consumption of media for everybody now. Let’s hope they don’t catch wind of phones being capable of outputting video to HDTVs or they might flip out. Find out more about the MLB.TV smartphone plan.

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