Bukito 3D Printer Doubles Kickstarter Funding Goal

bukito3D printers do seem to be on the up and up, and there does not seem as though the 3D printer bandwagon is about to stop anytime soon. If anything, it is picking up momentum, and more and more players are jumping aboard to ride the train to the end where hopefully, more than just a pot of gold is available to be shared with everyone else. Bukito is a 3D printer that was posted on Kickstarter, and it has already exceeded its original Kickstarter funding goal of $54,000 by twice the amount, having 10 days left to spare.

The Bukito 3D printer is a portable one, where a handle at the top underlines its intention. Not only that, it is special enough that it can continue to print even when you are holding it upside down or at an angle, although its creators do advise against that. I guess those are for some of the more extreme or desperate moments, such as printing out a model when the airplane cabin has experienced a loss in pressure because some smart aleck decided to throw a grenade across the aisle to suck out the incoming rabid zombies. Measuring 125mm x 150mm x 125mm, the Bukito still has a few pledge options left at $599 a pop.

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