Japanese-Camera-Stand-640x340With our smartphone cameras these days being more than capable of snapping great looking photos, there really is not much need to bring along a compact digital camera, unless you are a professional photographer in which you will probably lug around your DSLR instead. At the same time handing over your smartphone to a stranger to snap a photo isn’t exactly the best idea since smartphone theft is becoming increasingly common, but over in Japan it looks like they might have a solution for you. Spotted in various tourist spots in Fujisawa, it seems that local authorities have installed special stands that will allow your iPhone to be placed to help you snap photos of you and your traveling companions.


It’s hardly the most high-tech contraption, and there’s no guarantee that your phone won’t be stolen either, but we reckon it could still be safer than handing your phone over to a complete stranger, and it seems like a great way to get everyone into the photo instead of people taking turns to be the photographer. Ultimately we can appreciate the convenience, but what do you guys think? Is this a good idea, and have you seen similar installations in other parts of the world?

[Image credit – Tokyo Camera Style]

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