elsaWhen it comes to administering the proper medical care and attention to a patient during an emergency, it goes without saying that the right communication is required, especially when one speaks in a different language from the people around them. RTT Mobile’s ELSA unit is one interesting device that will prove to be invaluable to law enforcement officers, EMTs, and other first responders as it helps them to communicate clearly, effectively, and efficiently – especially with non-native English speakers.

ELSA stands for Enabling Language Service Anywhere, where this handheld device will hook up users to live interpretors who are then able to quickly translate, in addition to record all that is said. We are talking about 180 different languages and dialects being translated into English here, and the ELSA unit itself is easy to use (as it should during an emergency), sporting a trio of buttons, integrated microphones, and a speaker. It will be able to hook up to translators in under half a minute using existing wireless networks.

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