eptenderWhile an electric vehicle or electric car is a choice that makes plenty of sense if you want to enjoy a low carbon footprint, you will need to make use of mathematical formulas more often than not since there is a whole lot of calculating to be done where range is concerned. After all, electric vehicles cannot simply be ”fueled up” anytime, anywhere, and recharging your ride might take a few hours instead of a few minutes where pumping gas is concerned. Well, perhaps it would be best to make use of the EP Tender, a trailer that would not be wrongly described as a “generator on wheels”.

A cable that will run from the EP Tender to the car is capable of detecting any “low-battery” warnings that the electric vehicle might kick off, where upon detection, the EP Tender will turn itself on and send electricity to the starving batteries right there and then. In fact, the EP Tender is said to be able to deliver 22kW of energy even when you travel at speeds of up to 80mph, which translates to additional juice for you to travel north of 300 miles. However, strapping the EP Tender to the back of your ride is not the most aesthetically pleasing sight on the roads for sure.

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