A few months ago when Google rolled out changes for Gmail, the e-mail compose window was greatly changed. A small window would open up at the bottom right hand corner, it didn’t quite provide the space that many users would have wanted. New changes have been rolled out for Gmail once again last week, the new compose window finally gets the full-screen option. Users are now able to draft a message with the window taking up much more screen real estate, without being limited to the bottom right hand corner.

Once the user enables full-screen option in the new Gmail compose window, the field will be centered in the inbox itself. At the top right of the window there’s an expand button, when clicked, it expands the entire field so that it fits the screen. In the More Options menu, users can set the full-screen option permanently by selecting “Default to full-screen.” Google has said that the new compose window will roll out to users around the world in the next few days. It also says that this was a much requested feature by Gmail users, who will no doubt rejoice now.

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