htc-signYesterday we reported that thanks to @evleaks, the codenames of several devices were revealed, one of them being the HTC Z4. Unfortunately codenames being what they are, it doesn’t exactly tell us what sort of device to expect – could it be a new phone or tablet? Well since HTC has not made a tablet in years, our best bet would be a phone, and now thanks to a new rumor, it has been pointed out that the HTC Z4 could be talking about a HTC phone which sports dual-SIM capabilities, although the exact specifications of the device remain something of a mystery. Dual-SIM devices rarely make their way stateside, and dual-SIM variants of flagship smartphones have typically been destined for markets such as China, although since nothing is official at the moment, it could change with the Z4. In any case that’s as much as we know about the device for now, but take it with a grain of salt and check back with us at a later date for the details!

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