instagram-icons--01While Windows Phone is a pretty smooth operating system, what it lacks is a bunch of official apps that iOS and Android users are enjoying, and one of the big ones is none other than Instagram. This has resulted in developers creating third-party alternatives that would provide Windows Phone users with the Instagram experience, albeit not from the official app, but recently this has resulted in Instagram deleting posts made by third-party apps. Well the good news is that if you thought this would be the end of your Instagram posting via apps such as Instance, you can rest easy because it seems that Instagram has recently made some changes that will now allow third-party apps to continue uploading photos to its website.

It is not clear if Instagram has reversed their decision out of good will or if it was a mistake that wasn’t intended in the first place, and now they are fixing it. Instagram had previously stated that they are not seeking to block third-party apps, which we guess would be pretty mean-spirited of them considering that there are no plans for an official Instagram app for Windows Phone at the moment, although last we heard Nokia was hard at work at bringing Instagram to Windows Phone.

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