joblens-ukAre you currently looking for a job in an economy that certainly needs more than a shot in the arm? Well, searching for jobs might not be any easier than last year, but perhaps it can be more fun. How so, you ask? Nokia has launched an augmented reality job search app known as JobLens, where this particular app will jive on the Windows Phone 8 operating system. In fact, Nokia has hopes that JobLens could eventually end up as shaping the future landscape of job hunting.

Ditching the traditional method of offering a list of jobs where most of us are already used to, JobLens will rely on the power of augmented reality in order to display jobs over a map, and it will even depict the exact spot where the offices are, relatively speaking, to your home. Not only that, it will also access your social media profile to check out whether any of your friends are also connected with a hiring manager at any available jobs. You can even opt to share your resume as well as retrieve directions to interviews that you might be invited to, now how about that for literally a new way of looking at potential jobs to match your profile? The thing is, will this app be useful, or is it just gimmicky?

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