kyocera-c6750Whenever a particular device arrives at the FCC, it will more or less mean just one thing – that it is being prepared to roll out to hit the masses, and that news alone should make most folks let out a whoop of joy. Of course, this would only apply if the particular device that was being released was something that was looked forward to by many, but if you were to settle for something that is a wee bit more obscure, like say, the Kyocera C6750, then chances are many would not be terribly excited by it, but rather, they might look upon it like some sort of curious device. Case in point, the Kyocera C6750 that we know is about to head towards the direction of Verizon Wireless simply because the FCC’s approval has shed details on the kind of spectrum bands that it supports.

Of course, the Kyocera C6750 also has the added advantage of being a world phone, since it will play nice with GSM/WCDMA 850/1900 bands apart from Verizon’s CDMA and LTE frequencies. Apart from that, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support have also been approved, and photos of the Kyocera C6750 do show off a camera with flash (which we believe is going to be extremely basic), apart from a microUSB port. The user manual of this handset does suggest that it is water resistant, too.

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