panasonic-eyes-esteWorking at the office all day long, especially when you are sitting in front of a computer without taking regular breaks have proven to be quite the bane on your eyes, so much so that you want nothing better than a lovely massage after you have clocked out. Well, Panasonic has got your eyes covered – and not by rolling out a spanking new large, flat-screen Smart TV this time around, but rather, to deliver what they call the “Eyes Este” range, with models that cater for both men and women alike. The Panasonic EH-SW51 was specially designed for the ladies, while the men will settle for the Panasonic EH-SW52.

Since these are considered to be second generation models, the Panasonic EH-SW51 now comes with the ability to provide more steam. It boasts of a ‘Water Plate’ system that will be warmed by a heating plate in order to generate the steam required, and with a new aluminium form and material, it can generate up to 10% more steam than its predecessor while increasing the comfort factor. The added moisture should do its bit to soothe your eyes in double quick time. As for the men, they will have a reflation type model that can be adjusted easily so that the guys can pamper their eyes in maximum comfort. These are touted to roll out later this September in Japan for approximately $180 after conversion.

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