future-solar-stationWe all know that electric cars are great for the environment, but there lies a rather inconvenient issue – powering it up anytime, anywhere. After all, electric charging stations are not exactly the most popular public buildings around the world now, is it? You know what they say – it is times like these that one ought to think out of the box, and Synthesis Design + Architecture has decided that the best way to avoid your electric ride from dying out in the middle of nowhere is to cram an entire solar-powered pavilion into your vehicle’s boot – using it only when necessary as it can be rapidly deployed.

Designed by Synthesis Design + Architecture (SDA), this solar-powered pavilion happened to pick up top prize in a design competition that was meant to showcase Volvo’s latest rollouts, namely the Volvo V60. Sporting a mesh fabric floral design which would make other motorists slow down not only to admire your Volvo, but also this Pure Tension portable solar powered charging station as well, where photovoltaic valves have been woven into the fabric’s membrane that are capable of channeling the sun’s energy directly into the car’s battery.

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