SEGA has announced that the Wii U as well as Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World will roll out in North America this coming October 22nd, and for our friends who happen to live across the pond, we are disappointed to say that no release date in Europe has been confirmed just yet, although it would not be too surprising to see it launch just a few days afterwards. The US release date was divulged in the most recent trailer of the game, where the Sonic Lost World trailer showed off the new Color powers that has been endowed on Sonic in the soon-to-arrive platformer.

Not only that, you will find some sort of were-Sonic action going on, since everyone’s favorite fastest hedgehog will gain the ability to transform into a bird, summon a cosmos like a magician, and heck, even become a weird, pink musical note thingamajic. Sonic Lost World happens to be one of the three Nintendo-exclusive Sonic titles that are tipped to arrive later this year as well as in 2014. It still is nice to see once rival game companies work together in a synergistic partnership, don’t you think so?

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