Could Sega be on the verge of a secret renaissance? I do not want to place a bet on that potential situation, but I do know that there have been whispers of Sega working on a spanking new game console which could very well be revealed to all and sundry at this year’s E3 event. That is for the hardware front, and it that rumor proved to be true, it would definitely be exciting times being ahead of us, especially when you consider how their last foray in the hardware market was the wonderful Sega Dreamcast that never really captured the imagination of the masses despite being a solid console. Not only that, Sonic the Hedgehog was recently released on the Android platform, and here we are with the trailer of Sonic Lost World as you can see above.


Sonic Lost World seems to mix plenty of 2D as well as 3D gameplay, and while that might sound complicated, chances are the learning curve would not be that steep. It does seem as though Sonic Lost World has taken a few pages out of Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy’s book, and we do hope that solid gameplay will be backed up by a decent plot and just the right amount of challenge.

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