Games like Mario and Sonic were side scrolling games when they were first introduced, although their later incarnations brought a touch of 3D to the mix. You might recall a while back there was a video where the game of Super Mario Bros. was played from a first-person’s perspective, and if you thought that was cool, would Sonic the Hedgehog played from a first-person’s perspective be of interest to you? Given that Sonic involves a lot of running and spinning, we reckon a bit of motion-sickness could occur, but it’s still an interesting perspective nonetheless.

Put together by Filipe B. Costa, it basically runs through the Green Hill Zone and you get to see what Sonic could be like if it had been a first-person game. Like we said there’s a bit of running, jumping and spinning involved, so if you’re the type that suffers from motion-sickness, you might want to stay away from the video, but if you’re fine, spare a couple of minutes and check it out in the video above!

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