Now here is a video that you will definitely appreciate, especially when it concerns the video game classic Super Mario Brothers that made the transition from the flat, 2D world into a pure 3D world – not the same kind of 3D that Nintendo explored in recent years, but rather, that from a First Person perspective, ala Doom. The entire video was a blast to watch, and it was accompanied by classic 8-bit tunes along the way, although it is not that easy trying to avoid Goombas from time to time, and it will definitely take some time to get used to such a situation if a game in this manner was ever rolled out.

The video was created by a certain Brandon Laatsch, where he has his creative bunch of mates such as Kevin Commerford, Alex Knoll, Kevin Senzaki and Michael Wyckoff, who relied on 3DSMax2012, After Effects, FumeFX, Vray, Krakatoa, and Premier to get the job done. What other games in the 2D world that you would like to see end up in a 3D environment? I can think of the mess that Metal Slug would create for sure!

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