interchangeable-sonyWe do know that Sony’s upcoming Honami smartphone will most likely feature a 20-megapixel shooter to go along with it, and Sony has certainly been doing their bit to ensure that their smartphones’ cameras get better and better with each iteration, but who would have thought that one day, the digital camera module on smartphones would be a whole lot more improved, so much so that Sony could very well be toying with the idea of a new lens camera which can be mounted in smartphones? This is the latest gossip that has been going around, touting that such a lens camera would arrive with a built-in imaging sensor, battery and memory.

This add-on will be able to transmit pictures via NFC and Wi-Fi straight to the smartphone, and you can opt to use it as a standalone device, or hook it up to a smartphone via a special magnetic mount. When the latter happens, the smartphone’s display functions as a live view for the lens itself. Do you think this particular idea will be able to take off, or is it going to be too expensive to begin with?

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