publicpush_new_2Earlier we had reported that Sony had detailed a list of Xperia devices that would be eligible for the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. Unfortunately the list of devices was hardly extensive and there probably many older Sony Xperia phones that may not see the update at all! If you own a device that’s not on the list, that appears to be the case for you now which we guess seems a bit unfair, but Sony has also posted a new blog post in which they detail the process they go through to determine if a phone is eligible for the update.

Basically it involves a couple of phases of testing, which they have done together with close cooperation with Google and Qualcomm whose chipset can be found in Sony’s Xperia devices. They also detail what happens when testing is done, such as adding additional features and applications from Sony to help customize the software even further and add Sony’s own touch to the device. All in all it’s a pretty extensive read and if you’re curious about how they arrive at their decision, hit up Sony’s blog for the details.

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