sony-ps4-fccHow many of you out there cannot wait to get your hands around a shiny new Sony PS4? I am quite sure it is quite a huge number, especially when you consider how the pre-order for the Sony PS4 has sold out not too long after it has been opened for the masses to place their orders. Well, as we all know by now, any decent piece of hardware that is meant to hit the US market will first need to go through the folks over at the FCC for approval, and we are glad to say that the Sony PS4 has now gained FCC approval, not too long after the development kit of the Sony PS4 itself passed through.

In fact, the federal documents do point towards the consoles’ polished exterior, apart from noting that it has a maximum clock frequency of 2.75GHz, which is a definitely teaser of the kind of processing power one can expect from this bad boy. Apart from that, there are also two system labels that have been marked with “Made in China” and “Made in Japan”, dropping the most obvious hint yet that Sony will have factories in both Japan and China to crank out the Sony PS4. Just a quick question – from which country do you have more confidence in the manufacturing process?

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