sony-xtrudSony has certainly upped their game when it comes to smartphone design in recent times, and you could say that a lot of it has been influenced by the TV designs that they have rolled out so far, boasting a monolithic look as well as a mini version of the BRAVIA engine to deliver stunning visuals. Well, here is a concept that might just interest those who are wondering what kind of smartphone should Sony put together next, thanks to the efforts of a certain Francois Rybarczyk. This concept is known as the Sony XTRUD, where apart from its stunning looks, the XTRUD boasts of being a modular device that allows one to change the components easily, ensuring that our future could see a sustainable phone that ought to last us for more than a couple of years.

Of course, this idea would only work if it comes with an ever changing collection of newer design covers as well as modules. The camera module, for instance, would come in handy if the megapixel count and shooting capabilities were improved year on year, and how about throwing in a volume wheel that also works as a zoom function? Do you think that modular phones will ever work in this day and age? Granted, the “chassis” itself will need to arrive in newer models from time to time to keep up with the latest technology, but it certainly is worth mulling over.

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