commuters-on-smartphones--008While it is a commonly accepted fact and consequence that smart phones and the fact that we’re always connected has led to anti-social behavior around the table, it seems that it is possible that too much phone usage could also cause medical problems too. Over in South Korea, with smartphones gaining popularity, it seems that youths in their twenties are suffering as a result of that due to cervical disc herniation, or slipped disc.  This is according to the Korean National Health Insurance Corporation who found that the number of slipped disc cases has increased from 573,912 back in 2007, to 784,121 in 2011, and out of 100,000 patients, 7.6% were found to be in their twenties.

They believe this is because of our mobile phones which causes use to look down at the device, thus straining the neck and causing slipped disc. Of course this is by no means a guarantee that using your mobile phone will give you slipped disc, but rather it suggests that it is possible due to the strain on the neck. What do you guys think? Any of you starting to find that you are affected physically due to too much smartphone usage?

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