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Study Finds Android Shares More Data With Google Than iOS Does With Apple
There is a popular saying which says that if you aren’t paying for the product, then there is a good chance you are the product. This is kind of true with companies like Google or Facebook where their services are mostly free, but in exchange your data is collected and sold to advertisers who create personalized and targeted ads.

Study Finds That The Apple Watch Can Be Used To Assess Frailty
The Apple Watch comes with a bunch of features built into it that are related to health. This includes a heart rate sensor, an ECG monitor, a blood oxygen monitor, and so on. Those tools are rather straightforward in what they can do, but a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Stanford, they have found that the Apple Watch can do more than that.

Apple Watch Study Wants To Help Detect Potential Early Heart Failure
The Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor might have seemed like a novel feature at launch, but over the years, we’ve come across too many stories of how the feature has saved many lives by alerting the wearer to potential heart issues, allowing them to get themselves checked out before it was too late.

Americans Now Spend More Time Using Apps Than Watching Live TV
Our smartphones are basically personal computers that fit into our pockets. They can be used to go online, play games, chat with friends, do work, study, and more, so it’s really not surprising to learn that over the years, our habits have changed. According to App Annie’s State of Mobile report, it seems that Americans now spend more time using apps than they do watching live TV.


Apple’s Next-Gen Smartwatch Could Come With Asthma Monitoring
Over the years, Apple has introduced new health tracking capabilities to the Apple Watch. This came in the form of an ECG monitoring tool and with the Series 6, they also introduced blood oxygen monitoring. Now it seems that in the future, there could be an Apple Watch that could come with asthma monitoring.

Apparently Owning An iPhone Makes You More Attractive On Dating Apps
Dating apps are very superficial because since you don’t get to talk to the person while you’re checking out their profile, it’s pretty much based on looks. However, apparently it’s not just looks that will make you successful on a dating app, but it also seems that what kind of smartphone or smartwatch you own helps.

Gamers Have Spent More In 2020 Than They Have In The Past Decade
A lot of people play games, but sometimes having to balance time for work and study and gaming, it means that some people end up playing less than they do. However, with the coronavirus pandemic and with people being in lockdown, it appears that more people are playing games than ever.

Fitbit Launches Study To See If Its Devices Can Detect Irregular Heartbeats
Apple has found tremendous success with its Apple Watch, where over the years, we’ve come across countless stories of how the wearable was able to detect abnormal heart rates and inform the wearer that they should seek medical help, saving live in the process. In fact, recently there was an incident where the Apple Watch detected a problem that a more traditional ECG machine did not.

Study Finds The Coronavirus Can Linger In The Air In Crowded Spaces
Many might assume that once this coronavirus pandemic passes, life will go back to normal, but that might not necessarily be the case. Until a vaccine can be found, even if lockdowns are eased up or lifted, it might still be relatively dangerous to go out, especially if the findings from a recent study are accurate.

Research Suggests How Siri Can Be Improved By Mapping Out The Room
When it comes to digital assistants, it’s obvious that Siri could stand to be improved upon. Now according to researchers from Apple and Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, they have recently published a paper that suggests that one of the ways these improvements could be made is by mapping out the room.

Using CarPlay Might Be More Dangerous Than Texting While Driving
We all know that texting while driving is incredibly dangerous and there have been numerous accidents reported in the past that have proven that. However, it seems that using platforms like CarPlay or Android Auto could actually be more dangerous than that. This is according to a recent study conducted by RoadSmart which suggested that these services might actually be more dangerous.

New Apple Watch Study Wants To See If It Can Be Used To Reduce Stroke Risk
The Apple Watch is proving itself to be a pretty useful health monitoring tool, where thanks to its built-in heart rate sensor and ECG monitor, users will be able to keep an eye on their heart health, and also be notified if there is something wrong. Now it looks like Apple wants to explore the possibility of the Apple Watch being used for strokes.

Study Finds Facial Recognition Systems Have Racial And Gender Biases
You would assume that because computers have no feelings that when it comes to biases, they might be immune to it. However, a computer is essentially a tool and it does what the people who program it tell it to, and as such, sometimes maybe by accident, developers can bake biasness into them.

New Study Suggests Our Phone’s ‘Night Mode’ Might Not Be Good For Sleep
In recent years, studies have found that the blue light emitted by the screens of our devices are not conducive to sleep. The studies claim that this disrupts our sleeping patterns which means that even when we sleep, it will not be a restful one. This is why many companies, such as Apple, have introduced features that adjusts the temperature of our displays to counter this problem.

Massive Study Confirms The Apple Watch Is Quite Adept At Detecting Irregular Heart Rates
In the past, we have heard countless stories about how the Apple Watch’s heart rate detection feature, and more recently its ECG feature, have saved many lives. Is it all fluke? Could it merely be coincidental that all these reported cases are from people who so happen to wear an Apple Watch instead of a competing wearable?

Study Finds That Our Smartphones Might Be Making Us Fat
There have been studies suggesting that sitting down all day in front of a computer is not conducive to good health. It turns out that the same could be said about our smartphones, at least according to researchers who analyzed students at the Health Sciences Faculty at the Simon Bolivar University.

Faster Delivery Might Be Making It Worse For Our Environment
Fast delivery is all the rage these days, with companies such as Amazon offering deliveries that can be made in the next day or two. This is great because one of the downsides to shopping online is the wait time involved, where in the past customers would wait a week or maybe even two before their products arrived.

UK University Hopes To Prevent Suicides By Studying Its Students’ Social Media Accounts
In the past, it has been reported that the things we post and share on our social media platforms could be a sign of our current mental health, where certain postings could actually be a sign that the person could be depressed and might be having suicidal thoughts. In a bid to help prevent suicides, Northumbria University in the UK has announced an initiative that will involve studying the social […]

Study Finds That Up To 25 Cups Of Coffee A Day Is Safe For The Heart
If you’re a coffee lover, chances are you might have been told at some point in time that maybe having too many cups of coffee a day is bad for your health. Presumably, this is due to the caffeine in the coffee that some believe might not be good for your heart, but as it turns out, the limit to the number of coffees we can safely drink a day […]

Smartphone Shipments In North America Have Declined By 18%
Does the smartphone industry need a massive revamp? Is it about time that maybe we start exploring other ways of communication? Perhaps it is, because according to the latest figures from Canalys, it seems that smartphone shipments in North America have declined rather drastically.