Study Finds That Our Smartphones Might Be Making Us Fat

There have been studies suggesting that sitting down all day in front of a computer is not conducive to good health. It turns out that the same could be said about our smartphones, at least according to researchers who analyzed students at the Health Sciences Faculty at the Simon Bolivar University.

Faster Delivery Might Be Making It Worse For Our Environment

Fast delivery is all the rage these days, with companies such as Amazon offering deliveries that can be made in the next day or two. This is great because one of the downsides to shopping online is the wait time involved, where in the past customers would wait a week or maybe even two before their products arrived.

UK University Hopes To Prevent Suicides By Studying Its Students’ Social Media Accounts

In the past, it has been reported that the things we post and share on our social media platforms could be a sign of our current mental health, where certain postings could actually be a sign that the person could be depressed and might be having suicidal thoughts. In a bid to help prevent suicides, Northumbria University in the UK has announced an initiative that will involve studying the social […]

Study Finds That Up To 25 Cups Of Coffee A Day Is Safe For The Heart

If you’re a coffee lover, chances are you might have been told at some point in time that maybe having too many cups of coffee a day is bad for your health. Presumably, this is due to the caffeine in the coffee that some believe might not be good for your heart, but as it turns out, the limit to the number of coffees we can safely drink a day […]


Smartphone Shipments In North America Have Declined By 18%

Does the smartphone industry need a massive revamp? Is it about time that maybe we start exploring other ways of communication? Perhaps it is, because according to the latest figures from Canalys, it seems that smartphone shipments in North America have declined rather drastically.

Using Your Phone While In A Store Could Make You Buy More Junk

Ideally, we should all be disciplined enough where if we walk into a store, it is with a purpose and to buy a specific item(s). However, have you found that there are times, sometimes more often that you’d like, where you walk into a store only to walk out with more things than you actually need?

It’s 2019 And Over 20 Million People Still Use ‘123456’ As Their Password

These days with the number of hacks and phishing scams that we are seeing, you would think that everyone would start securing their accounts with stronger passwords, 2FA, and maybe even use physical security keys. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that it seems that people haven’t or don’t want to change.

Study Finds Screen Time For Kids Isn’t As Bad As We Think

These days it’s not uncommon to find parents using smartphones or tablets to keep their children entertained while at dinner. It was later suggested that excessive screen time for kids was bad and that it potentially had the ability to physically change the brain structure in kids. However, as it turns out, that might not be the case anymore.

A Worrying Two-Thirds Of Android Antivirus Apps Are Apparently Frauds

Antivirus apps are meant to give you peace of mind where in the event you accidentally click on that suspicious link or email, you know that your device should be somewhat protected. Unfortunately there are so many antivirus apps out there that it can be a bit difficult to choose which one to go for, and the sad thing is that most of them are apparent frauds.

Study Finds Older People Share More Fake News Than Others

Fake news is a problem and many social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are working on ways to try and curb it. There are also initiatives taken on by schools that aim to teach kids how to determine if a source is fake news and which isn’t, but it seems that maybe we should be looking at educating the elderly as well.

Use Of Ride-Hailing Services In The US Has Doubled In 3 Years

If you don’t like to drive or don’t want to drive, there have always been plenty of alternatives such as public transport in the form of a bus or train or taxi, or if you can afford it, you could rent a town car. However it seems that with companies like Uber and Lyft offering more affordable alternatives to taxis and town cars, it’s not surprising that their usage has […]

World Bank Claims Robots Aren’t Killing Off All Our Jobs Yet

It’s not hard to imagine that robots could take over our jobs some day. After all robots don’t need rest, they don’t sleep, they don’t eat, which means that they could work 24/7 which is definitely more efficient than humans. This has led some to express concern that one day humans could be out of a job.

Would You Stop Using Facebook For $1,000 A Year?

Following Facebook’s privacy scandals in 2018, a movement called #DeleteFacebook was started in which it encouraged users to delete their Facebook accounts to show the company that the public means business. However based on Facebook’s stats, it seems that this movement hasn’t really done much to affect its bottom line.

Japan Blames Mobile Games For Destroying The Eyesight Of Students

According to the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, it seems that the country has a problem with the health of its students. To be more specific, it seems that they have found that a record high 25.3% of students have failed to meet the 1.0 mark in vision tests, and that perhaps too much time on smartphones and mobile games might be to blame for this.