As much as high schools students wish, they will probably not be employed by a company like Valve right after they graduate. That’s because big, established outfits like Valve hire the best of best, individuals who are highly talented and have relevant work experience. Valve is starting a new program called Pipeline which will aid high school students in their quest to ultimately get a job in the gaming industry, the project will introduce students to the industry as well as provide them with valuable knowledge that is going to help their prospects in the future.

Valve says that it wants to connect with teenagers and answer questions that they might have, such as what they have to study to get a job in the industry. It says that Pipeline is an experiment through which they aim to determine if a group of high school students with minimal work experience can be taught skills and methods that are required to succeed at “a company like Valve.” However, Valve doesn’t say that these high school students will be given internships or if they will be allowed to contribute to their projects.

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