half_life_2_oculus_rift.0_cinema_960.0Good news Linux gamers, it looks like Half-Life 2 for Linux has managed to make its way out of beta and is currently available for download on Steam for Linux, according to an announcement the company made earlier today. We know that Valve has been hard at work on Steam for Linux and has slowly been increasing the number of games that will support the Linux platform, and with the release of Half-Life 2, it’s a pretty big deal! To top it off, it seems that the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will be supported as well, so if you own the headset, you will be able to take Half-Life 2 for a spin wearing it! We can’t imagine what it will be like playing Half-Life 2 with the Oculus Rift headset since we don’t own one, but we can only imagine that it will be immensely fun, especially with the crowbar in hand!

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