3D printers are amazing things and they can print all sorts of useful and novel things, and in the case of 24 year old French student, Leo Marius, what he has managed to do is use a 3D printer to create an SLR camera from scratch. SLR cameras came before DSLRs and the obvious difference would be that SLR cameras rely on film, while DSLRs capture photos digitally. The result from the 3D printer is what you can see in the image above. It’s not the most beautifully designed camera, nor is it the most polished, but the important thing is that it actually works! This is a 35mm film SLR camera and it features a fixed 1/60s shutter speed which is triggered via a rather large release button. The camera will play nicely with any lens mount and if you were wondering how would you be able to get your hands on it, well the bad news is that you can’t. The good news is that if you have access to a 3D printer and you wouldn’t mind giving this a go, Marius has uploaded the instructions you would need to go about creating it yourself, so pop on over to Instructablesfor the details. In the meantime who else is impressed by Marius’ efforts? Pretty cool, huh?

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