lg-slim-hd-displayLG Display has achieved yet another first – the first slimmest Full HD LCD panel in the world, and this particular panel would pave the way for sleeker looking Full HD smartphones down the road for a superior viewing experience. I do wonder, however, when smartphones get so slim where other parts and components are concerned, but what about the battery? So far, progress has been pretty good, but you cannot really get any more slimmer at this point in time without sacrificing on battery life. Well, hopefully the engineers will be able to sort this out in due time.

The world’s slimmest Full HD LCD panel for smartphones is said to measure 5.2” diagonally across, where it measures just 2.2mm thin and has a 2.3mm bezel, also making it the narrowest among current Full HD LCD panels that are meant for mobile devices, too. Your eyes will definitely enjoy the larger visible display space on future smartphones, which is the next step up for such devices since they become more and more multimedia dependent than ever before. Since it is light in weight, it is also easier to grip and tote about. This display has a maximum brightness of 535 nits, and we cannot wait to see just which devices would include it in the manufacturing process.

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