LG Corporation is a South Korean conglomerate that is based in Seoul. LG operates a number of subsidiaries including LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Telecom, and LG Chem. The conglomerate specializes in developing electronics, telecom products, and chemicals. LG Corp. was founded in 1947 by Koo In-Hwoi. Koo first established Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. in 1947. Today, Lak-Hui (pronounced lucky) is known as LG Chem. The company then expanded its business and created Goldstar Co. Ltd, now known as LG Electronics Inc. Both companies merged and formed Lucky-Goldstar, which was eventually renamed “LG” in 1995.

LG’s Rollable TV Has Made Its Way Stateside
A couple of years ago, LG unveiled their rollable OLED TV at CES 2019. It is an interesting and amazing piece of technology and if you fancy yourself an early adopter, then you might be excited to learn that the TV seems to have made its way stateside where you will be able to purchase it.

LG And Magna Close To Landing Deal For Apple Car Production
Apple has been rumored to be working on their own car, but since Apple has no experience manufacturing automobiles, obviously they will need to seek a manufacturing partner to help them with it. Now it seems that the company could be close to inking a deal with a potential manufacturing partner.

LG Confirms They Will Be Exiting The Mobile Phone Business
Earlier this year at CES 2021, LG teased that they were working on a phone with a rollable display. It was rather exciting, but not too long after that, the company revealed that they were potentially looking for a way to exit the mobile phone business. Now it looks like it is official as LG has since announced that they will be shutting down.

Unable To Find A Buyer, LG Could Exit The Smartphone Market
It was reported earlier this year that LG could be looking to exit the smartphone market. The company was initially planning on selling off its smartphone division and the reports suggested that there could be an interested buyer in Vietnam, but unfortunately it seems that those discussions did not pan out.


LG’s Rollable Smartphone Has Been Put On Hold
At CES earlier last month, LG revealed that they are working on a phone with a rollable display. The phone was expected to launch later this year, but now it seems that there is a chance that may no longer be happening. This is according to a report from Yonhap News who claims that LG has put the project on hold.

Apple Could Be Working With LG For Its Foldable iPhone Display
When it comes to display suppliers, Apple works with several companies at the same time to ensure that there are enough units, and also as a backup in case one company runs into issues. LG is one of the companies that Apple has been working with over the years, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that both companies could be working together again for the rumored foldable […]

LG Could Sell Smartphone Business To Vietnamese Conglomerate
After initially denying that they would be selling off their smartphone business, it was later revealed that LG was indeed considering such a move. While there are no concrete plans yet, the company did state that this was something that they were looking into and that it was one of their options.

LG’s 4K UltraFine Displays Have Disappeared From Apple’s Stores
When Apple discontinued their Thunderbolt Display, many were wondering if this meant that the company could be planning a newer model. Instead, it seems that Apple decided to turn to third-party manufacturers like LG who created an Apple-exclusive series of UltraFine monitors for the company’s Mac lineup.

LG Display Halts Production Of iPhone LCDs
When it comes to sourcing displays for its iPhones, Apple has typically used both LG and Samsung. However, it seems that Apple might need to find an alternative because according to a report from The Elec, it appears that LG Display has halted the production of LCDs that are used for the iPhone.

LG Could Be Bidding The Smartphone Market Goodbye
A few days ago, it was reported that LG would be exiting the smartphone market. LG then made a statement claiming that the report was untrue, and that the company would continue putting out phones, like the handset with the rollable display that they showed off at CES 2021 earlier last week.

LG Rubbishes Rumors That They Are Shutting Down Its Smartphone Business
Compared to its competitors like Samsung, LG doesn’t look like they are faring quite as well. So much so that there was a report from The Elec that allegedly cited an internal memo at LG over in Korea that the company would be shutting down its smartphone business and that an official announcement would be made by the end of the month.

LG Smart TVs Getting NVIDIA + Google Cloud Gaming
2021 LG Smart TV customers will be able to play high-powered graphics games via cloud services from Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now, out of the box – no console or PC needed. Note: the photo is for illustration only. Not the actual LG 2021 TV.

LG Teases Its Rollable Phone Concept
Given how closely Samsung and LG compete in the same space for multiple types of products, you would have been right to assume that LG would have also launched its own foldable phone. However, the company has declined to do so for the past few years, but perhaps it’s because they think they have a better solution.

LG Unveils It 2021 Gram Laptop Lineup
For the past few years, LG has kept up its launch of its own series of laptops under the Gram branding. These laptops are typically designed to be lightweight and portable, focusing more on mobility and appealing to users who can appreciate the lightweightedness of the laptops. If you’re after such a laptop, you’re in luck.

LG Will Showcase A 48-inch Bendable OLED Gaming Display At CES 2021
If there’s one thing to look forward to at every CES, it would be display technology. This is because without fail, every year companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, and others show off new and exciting display technology that could change the way we use our devices, and give us new experiences.

LG’s Next Big Idea: Transparent OLED Automatic Doors
We’re sure that many of you have come across automatic sliding doors that have advertisements plastered on them. This isn’t exactly new, but it seems that LG might be interested in leveraging their display technology by teaming up with Assa Abloy (who owns Yale) by creating automatic doors with OLED display panels.

Future Low-Mid Range LG Smartphones Will Be Made By Someone Else
While LG is one of the bigger and more established names in the smartphone industry, the company hasn’t been doing quite as well as some of the competition. So much so that the company has since announced that they will be pursuing a new strategy that will involve outsourcing its lower-end and mid-range phones to others.

LG Wing Review
The LG Wing is a commercial concept phone that is the first in the LG Explorer series of devices. It maximizes the user experience (UX) for landscape-optimized apps and augments the total available screen area by integrating a secondary screen. In this review, we put this new concept to the test and let you know how it works in the real world.

The Best Camera Phones 2020 @ T-Mobile USA
The holiday shopping madness is about to start, and phones are high on people’s lists. Everyone agrees that the phone’s camera is the most important purchase criterion, so we will go over the whole T-Mobile USA line of products to tell you which camera you get your hard-earned money.

You Can Now Purchase LG’s Rollable OLED TV If You Have $87,000 To Spare
TV’s are a common fixture in the living room, but when not in use, they can sometimes look unsightly as they’re essentially a huge blank black piece of furniture. This is why companies like Samsung have designed some of their TVs to look more like art pieces so that they’re not so obtrusive.