algae-suitAll right, I will be the first to admit it – the algaculture mask that you see above? It creeps me out, looking as though it was stolen from the house of H.R. Giger, or from the set of Prometheus itself. After all, fashion in the future tends to be rather minimalistic in nature, such as those that we have seen in Star Trek (their uniforms aren’t too hot, if you ask me) and Star Wars, although the Japanese rendition of the future trends in the opposite direction. The algaculture symbiosis suit that you see above was designed by Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta, where it was specially developed to churn out food for you – regardless of where you are. It might make you look really weird, as though you were sick and need to be fed some special liquid all the time, but in reality, the bunch of tubes that are placed in front of your mouth will make use of the CO2 you generate to “feed” an ever-growing population of algae which lives in the suit.

If you were to sit near a window or just take a stroll in the park, enough sunlight will be made available to the algae so that it can grow up strong and, er, nourishing. In fact, it is meant to grow enough for you to enjoy three square meals a day. The thing is, won’t you get sick of algae after some time? Think of the Israelites wandering around in the desert for 40 years, surviving on manna and quail alone, and you get the idea.

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