Google Nexus 4 ReviewIf you own a Google Nexus 4 device and you were looking forward to the Android 4.3 update, you might want to hold off from updating your phone just yet. According to a smattering of reports on the Google Product Forums, it seems that the Android 4.3 update is causing a fair bit of trouble to several Nexus 4 owners. The main problems that have been reported are freezes on their phone, which either gets the owner stuck at the X splash screen, or have their device stuck in a never-ending boot loop. So far the problem can be temporarily rectified if the Nexus 4 owner were to either factory reset their phone, or flash their device to an older version of Android, ultimately losing all their data in the process.

We expect the latter might not be feasible for the less tech savvy, so factory resetting is probably the best option for now. Of course the experience of Android 4.3 will vary from user to user as there are some who have reported that their Nexus 4 units are fine after the update, but either way hopefully Google is looking into the issue and will issue a statement and/or a fix soon.

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