belgium-frites-machineWe have seen and heard about some pretty zany vending machines in the past, and one of the most recent coverage involves a bra vending machine over in Japan (how come I am not surprised to hear of its country of origin? After all, Japan has the highest number of vending machines to its population ratio in the world), and this time around the focus would cross seas to Europe – where what you see above is a Belgian fries vending machine that has been specially adapted to use beef fat, and customers would need to fork out €2.50 a portion. Seems all right to us, considering how Belgian has laid claim to being the inventor of fries.

Touted to be Belgium’s first fully automatic fries machine, it is capable of preparing a 135g portion of chips in 90 seconds. Of course, you ought to take note that chips have already been sold in this manner in other countries, the machine here is located outside a supermarket in Brussels, and it has adopted the gold-standard animal dripping, in addition to vegetable oil, which might just be the first salvo fired against Belgium’s street fries vendors. Would you prefer to buy such food from a street vendor or a machine?

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