bra-vending-machineOver in Japan vending machines are a pretty big thing and compared to vending machines around the world which typically dispenses either drinks or snacks, vending machines in Japan take things to the next level. We have seen machines that can provide WiFi, eggs, freshly cut apples, handkerchiefs targeted at elderly women, and even vending machines that remember your birthday! This is why even though the idea is somewhat novel, we weren’t that surprised to learn that a new vending machine has made its debut in Japan which will dispense bras to shoppers.


This vending machine was rolled out by lingerie maker, Wacoal, and the machine made its debut at the Une Nana Cool specialty shop in Shibuya. The vending machine is pretty straight forward and all the customer has to do is look at the size chart, choose their size, insert their money, and receive their purchase. When it comes to buying clothes, trying them on is usually a must to see if they look and fit right, so we’re not sure who might need to purchase a bra in such a hurry, but who knows? Talk about a novel concept! Any of our readers wish we had similar machines in the states?

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