We have seen a trailer of Dead Rising 3 just a couple of days ago, and here we are with the gameplay trailer for Dead Rising 3, in all of its CGI glory, where you will also be introduced to your fair share of crazy looking death vehicles. I am quite sure that when you watched the Dead Rising 3 cinematic trailer which was depicted recently as mentioned above, chances are you would be wondering whether Capcom might want to steer the title towards a more mature and serious direction. The latest cinematic trailer as shown in the video above happens to do away with such seriousness – considering how you are able to dress up like Evel Knieval with boxing gloves that are connected to a special air blower wannabe so that it can deliver additional projection.

Dumb as ever, you say. Perhaps, but it might just be the zany method of the game that makes people keep on coming back. Dark humor can be quite a niche market, but at least it is still humorous and not so dark and brooding like an actual zombie apocalypse, no? It remains to be seen just how Dead Rising 3 will pan out as a game, but we will just have to wait for a few more months before the title is released.

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