For those of you who love spending plenty of time in the bathtub, perhaps you might want to keep yourself entertained while soaked with something slightly different from the usual suspects such as the yellow rubber duckie, a good book, a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. How about having some touchscreen action by your bathtub? That is now made possible thanks to a Kinect camera that has been mounted above the bathtub, working in tandem with other parts of the collective such as a projector, waterproof speakers as well as a PC. All of those were amalgamated to work as a single device, thanks to developers over at the Koike Laboratory in Tokyo, where it will turn the surface of the water in your bathtub into a touchscreen of sorts.

This means that whenever your fingertips are dipped into the water, they end up as cursors. This would let you play games, organize your photo album collection, or even watch videos. Want to delete content on your computer? That is a snap – just reach up from under the surface of the water, grab the file that you want to delete by holding its icon, and bring it to a watery grave by sinking it. What do you think of such a system – cool enough for everyday use, or is it a mere gimmick?

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