wifi-planesIn-flight Internet has been around for some years already, but not all flights still offer this particular service. Not only that, you could more or less say that the in-flight Wi-Fi might not be fast enough to stream video content from sites including Netflix and the BBC’s iPlayer, but all of that might probably change by the time 2014 rolls around. According to communications regulator Ofcom, they are proposing to license a new satellite system for aircraft – as well as ships and trains, of course. Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms (ESOMPs) is capable of delivering connections up to 10 times faster compared to what one is can experience at the moment.

Britain’s airlines have yet to indicate whether they would sign up for this particular technology or not, although British Airways’ in-flight entertainment and technology manager, Richard D’Cruze, claimed that the airline was “closely monitoring developments in the connectivity market in both the satellite and direct air-to-ground technology areas”. Ofcom did mention that it has been working alongside its European counterparts for the past couple of years, where they will include France, Germany and Luxembourg, who happen to be in the process of piecing together their own regulations. I am quite sure that everyone would not mind having faster Internet many miles up in the air, no?

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