If you have sat on a plane and considered whipping out your laptop to go on Facebook or finish up sending some e-mails, you would probably have sighed as you remembered that you’re on a plane and therefore cannot access the internet. While more companies have been making the effort to provide Wi-Fi services on their planes, as we understand, not many have already done it. Now however, global Wi-Fi services provider Boingo Wireless has announced an agreement with Deutsche Telekom to give Boingo customers access to Wi-Fi services on international flights via DT’s on-board communications service.

The service is based for international flights and will initially be available to Boingo customers travelling on select flights on Lufthansa Airlines between its hub in Germany and its destinations, the US and Canada. Boingo customers will have access to broadband internet which can be accessed through either a laptop or mobile device while in-flight. With Boingo customers already paying a monthly bill, the agreement between the companies reveal that in-flight Wi-Fi access is a premium service and therefore a separate charge will be added to their existing accounts. Will you be choosing to fly Lufthansa because of this premium service to Boingo users?

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