Japan Invests In Radar To Detect Stealth Aircraft

japan-stealth-planeAccording to Japan’s NHK news agency, the Land of the Rising Sun’s Defense Ministry has every intention of increasing their defense budget by a whopping $40 million dollars. Wait a minute, that does not sound like much actually, considering how the defense budgets of many countries run into the billions. Well, what good will the additional $40 million do for Japan’s Defense Ministry? Well, it seems that this amount of dough will be used to research and develop radar which will be capable of detecting and tracking aircraft – aircraft of the stealth variety, to be exact.

NHK did quote some ministry officials who prefer to remain anonymous (as usual), where they touted that such a move is not a luxury, but rather, it is a necessity, since both China as well as Russia are currently working on next-generation fighter jets, which so happen to be extremely difficult to detect using conventional radar systems. Not only that, the Defense Ministry also has penciled in plans to deploy advanced surveillance aircraft a couple of years down the road 2015 as part of a response against an increase in activity by Chinese military planes around Japan’s southwestern islands. Hopefully our country’s anti-stealth defenses are also up to snuff…

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