The Magic 8 Ball has been a fair number of things in the past, where among them include a flash prank that we talked about a couple of years back, a rather rectangular version which sullies the namesake of the device, and one with an internal OLED display thanks to a hack. The avid DIY enthusiast might want to check out this unique Magic 8 Ball that has been specially hacked to deliver up to 60 image responses (of fortune or failure) to the curious person.

The person behind this hacked Magic 8 Ball is a certain Jason Poel Smith, where the 20-sided fortune die inside has been removed only to be replaced by a digital picture keychain instead. Of course, a fair amount of work is involved in changing the Magic 8 Ball into what it is, including sawing the entire ball in half, doing away with the tube that held the said 20-sided die and blue liquid which it floated in. A clear plastic is placed within to shield the digital keychain, while button extenders and a USB port would open up the way to access to the keychain and change the image responses any time you want to do so. You can find the full set of instructions here.

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