QR codes have yet to really take off even though they make it extremely easy for its creator to deliver a wide variety of information within the code. That’s probably why Microsoft’s proprietary version of the QR Code, which is called Microsoft Tag, didn’t do so hot either. Today, Microsoft is announcing they’re officially pulling the plug on its Microsoft Tag on August 19, 2015.

Microsoft Tag worked just how you would expect a QR code to function as you would scan the tag with Microsoft’s reader, to then be presented with whatever information its creator wants to deliver. We’ve seen Microsoft Tags used by a number of high-profile Microsoft employees in the past, such as Larry Hryb who would give away codes for Microsoft-related products such as games and downloadable content for Xbox 360 games.

If you’re one of the few who can’t live without Microsoft Tag, you’re in luck as Scanbuy will be supporting certain components of Tag starting in September. We’re not sure why you’d continue using an unsupported tagging system like Microsoft Tag when QR codes can still be created and used at any time. We think you should take Microsoft’s lead and just give up on Microsoft Tag, or else you could be running into some serious trouble in the coming months.

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