motorola-skipIt was yesterday when we talked about how you are going to unlock your Moto X smartphone the lazy man’s way, through the use of the Motorola Skip accessory, and while the device was put online for a while before the page was yanked down shortly, it has already raised anticipation levels among the news-hungry Internet masses. We are then glad to say that the Motorola Skip for Moto X has just been officially unveiled, which intends to make your life a whole lot more convenient.

After all, the average number of times that a normal smartphone user would unlock his or her smartphone each day stands at 39, while power users will obviously surpass that amount by a considerable margin – we are looking at a figure which is closer to a hundred times daily. Considering it takes an average of 2.3 seconds each time the phone is unlocked, multiply that by a hundred and you would have spent approximately 4 minutes per day as a power user unlocking your handset. The Motorola Skip for Moto X is a thin, thumb-sized clip which will pair with your Moto X, using a simple tap to unlock your handset. Just don’t lose it, as that would mean someone will be able to unlock your Moto X on the sly without you realizing it. [Press Release]

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312 PPI
~$310 - Amazon
10 MP
F Aperture F-Stop
130 g
2200 mAh
Launched in
Snapdragon S4 Pro + None
Storage (GB)
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