Murr-Ma Amphibious Prosthetic Helps You Swim Faster

Somehow when you take inflation into consideration, the six million dollar man does not sound so hot anymore – if you were to give him the moniker of the six billion dollar man, now that is another thing to consider altogether. Still, the idea of having enhanced body parts, such as a bionic eye is definitely enticing, especially when that bionic eye of yours is capable of doing so much more than what a normal human eye can. Still, that remains in the realm of science fiction at this moment, while something more realistic would be a bionic arm being affixed to a volunteer. Well, would you consider Murr-ma instead?

Murr-ma happens to be an amphibious prosthetic device which is said to empower the wearer to gain the potential ability to swim faster compared to an ordinary human without any prosthetic limbs. Specially developed by a team of students from the University of Technology Sydney, the Royal College of Art, and Imperial College London, Murr-Ma lets the wearer to switch activities in a jiffy – from running on the beach to swimming at full speed, and this is made possible thanks to the carbon fiber ribs which will flex so that the swimmer has some additional thrust in the water. Right now, Murr-ma remains as a prototype, and there are no plans to commercialize it just yet.

Source: fashioningtech

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