An Austrian man actually decided to take an interesting plunge in the name of medical science – by volunteering his hand to be amputated so he can be fitted with a bionic limb. The patient, known as “Milo” (not his real name, of course), is currently 26 years old, where he lost the use of his right hand in a motorcycle accident 10 years back. Once his stump heals from the operation in a few weeks’ time, a bionic hand will be fitted in place, where it can be controlled by nerve signals in his own arm.

Makes me wonder just how much the six million dollar man is worth today after you adjust all the bionics and electronics inside of him for inflation. I digress – this surgery is actually the second such elective amputation to be performed by Viennese surgeon Professor Oskar Aszmann. “Milo” is actually a Serbian national who has lived in Austria since he was a child, and got involved in an accident a decade ago after he skidded off his motorcycle and smashed into a lamp post.

“Milo” has had experience with a hybrid hand prior to his decision on the operation. According to Milo, “The operation will change my life. I live 10 years with this hand and it cannot be (made) better. The only way is to cut this down and I get a new arm.”

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