pokemon-xyIt was recently that Nintendo announced the pre-order bonuses for Pokemon X and Y for Japan, and we’re not sure if it’s because of these pre-order bonuses or the fact that the Pokemon franchise has a huge following (we’re guess it’s a bit of both), but according to reports, it seems that Pokemon X and Y pre-orders have managed to hit an impressive 260,000 units in just two days! The game is expected to see a release on the 12th of October and given that we’re only in August, we have to wonder just how many pre-orders the game will have before it is officially released!

Just to put things into perspective, Pokemon Black and White 2’s pre-orders managed to hit 1.16 million a week before the game was released, meaning that there is a very good chance that Pokemon X and Y will be able to break that record in no time at all. At the moment the pre-order bonuses seem to be limited to the Japanese market, and at this point in time there’s no telling if Nintendo will have something similar for other markets, but either way have you pre-ordered your copy of the game?

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