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Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Update Version 1.2 Ready To Download
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y gamers, listen up! Just in case you were wondering when will update version 1.2 arrive, and whether it will do so in this lifetime or not, fret not – Nintendo UK has already announced that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y update version 1.2 is ready and available to download. This new version will contain additional fixes, as well as all of the previous fixes that […]

Pokemon X & Y Soundtracks Are Now Available
Love all things Pokemon? Assuming you have already owned all things possible such as the plushies, collectible cards, and others, is a soundtrack still missing from your collection? Well, the latest Pokemon titles happen to be Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and the games’ respective soundtracks are now available, where it holds more than 200 songs and lasts for 3.5 hours. If you are interested in picking it up, it […]

Nintendo Offers No Save Map For Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Lumiose Save Bug
Both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were released recently, and they have respectively racked up a fair amount of sales which is impressive for a portable console title, but that is to be expected considering the juggernaut of a franchise that it is. Unfortunately, the game itself has been “tainted” by a game breaking bug which has actually caused some grief for those who were affected. Apparently, if you were […]

Pokemon X And Y Sells 2 Million Copies In Two Days
Pokemon X & Y was released over the weekend on October 12 globally. As a result, many dormant Pokemon trainers have once again picked up their Nintendo handheld in order to train their Pokemon to battle one another until we get a screaming Charmander. Pokemon has always been a very big game series for Nintendo, which is why we’re not completely surprised to hear the company has sold over 4 million units […]


Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Has Game-Breaking Save Bug (Rumor)
It is important to make sure that games are tested thoroughly before they are released so that the end user, a gamer in this case, would not have many (or any) issues with it. Of course, from time to time, there are some games that do end up horribly wrong for the gamer just like how GTA Online saw characters go missing permanently, which has led to Rockstar compensating such […]

Pokémon X And Pokémon Y Gets Worldwide Launch This October 12th
Nintendo 3DS owners, listen up! It is time to to “catch ‘em all” once again, where we have received word that both Pokémon X as well as Pokémon Y will be experiencing a worldwide launch later this October 12th, which is just a few more days away. This would definitely go down well with the special edition Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Nintendo 3DS XL systems that we talked about […]

Special Edition Pokemon X And Y Nintendo 3DS XL Systems Now Available
Pokemon X and Y are releasing in just a couple of weeks both in the Nintendo eShop and at retail with many future Pokemon trainers excited over the latest game headed to the Nintendo 3DS. If you’re a true Pokemon fan, though, you’ll probably want to pick up the special edition Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Nintendo 3DS XL systems.

Pokemon X And Y Pre-Orders Hit 260,000 Units In Two Days
It was recently that Nintendo announced the pre-order bonuses for Pokemon X and Y for Japan, and we’re not sure if it’s because of these pre-order bonuses or the fact that the Pokemon franchise has a huge following (we’re guess it’s a bit of both), but according to reports, it seems that Pokemon X and Y pre-orders have managed to hit an impressive 260,000 units in just two days! The […]

Pokemon X And Y Pre-Order Bonuses For Japan Revealed
Earlier this year Nintendo announced Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console, and for those who are excited to get their hands on the game, the company has revealed some pre-order bonuses which unfortunately seems to be limited to Japan, at least for now. For gamers in Japan who are looking forward to the game, you might want to place your pre-orders because Nintendo will be throwing […]

Pokemon X and Y Pokedex Gets 5 More Additions
Both Pokemon X and Y Pokedexes see another five additions.

Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Gets Worldwide Launch This October 12
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are being prepared for an October 12 release.

Pokemon X and Y Gameplay Trailer Shows New Pokemon, Improved Visuals
Pokemon fans know a new set of Pokemon games, Pokemon X and Y, is being released this October, but up until today, all we’ve seen are screenshots of some legendary Pokemon we can expect to run across through our adventure. Nintendo today has finally decided to show the game in action, and even though they place a “game footage not final” as a disclaimer, Pokemon X and Y looks extremely impressive.The […]

Latest Pokemon From Pokemon X And Y Teased
I am quite sure that any Pokemon fan worth his or her salt would definitely have heard of the legendary Pokemon that is known as Mewtwo before, and it seems that Mewtwo has proven to be the main inspiration for the latest Pokemon that was teased which will hail from Pokemon X and Y, where some folks have even cheekily dubbed it to be the “Newtwo”. Granted, it has been […]

Xerneas And Yveltal Are Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon X And Y
In yesterday’s show and tell from Nintendo, they announced that the Pokemon franchise is far from dead, and just when you figured out that you have caught ‘em all, along comes the announcement that there are more Pokemon for you to hunt down in the upcoming Pokemon X and Y titles. Obviously, in Pokemon X and Y, there will be two more legendary Pokemon added to the mix, and they […]